Thirty-eight of the top 100 food processing companies call Georgia home. Georgia companies are able to take advantage of the cost-free Georgia Quick Start workforce training program, expanding agricultural industry, and world-class agribusiness research. The United States’ fastest-growing container port in Savannah allows for easy access to the world market. Georgia is also home to the Southeast’s most extensive rail system and intermodal hub. Georgia is also home to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport the world’s busiest.

The newest food processor to call Carroll County home is Trident Seafoods, providing frozen seafood processing for the eastern seaboard markets. They will be employing 180 people when fully operational. Carroll County is also home to Sugar Foods, a multinational food products company. Sugar Foods serves all segments of the food industry including foodservice, cash and carry, retail, specialty, and international markets. Over a 1000 times a second someone in the US consumes a product that Sugar Foods makes.