2017 Less Developed Census Tracts for Carroll County (O.C.G.A. 48-7-40.1):

See Map Below

Tract 9103
Tract 9105.01
Tract 9105.02
Tract 9106
Tract 9107.01
Tract 9107.3
Tract 9112

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Job Tax Credits –Less Developed Census Tract (LDCT)

– The Georgia Job Tax Credit Program in a LDCT falls under O.C.G.A. 48-7-40.1
– Eligible Business Enterprises must create at least five (5) net new jobs at the business location
within the designated LDCT within a tax year and the new jobs must be full-time, permanent
jobs of at least 35 hours per week
– New jobs must be offered health insurance; the employer does not have to pay for such
insurance, just offer it
– The average wage of each of the new jobs created must pay at least the average wage of the
county with the lowest average wage in the state – as of June 2016 this is Glascock County at
$471 per week or $24,492 per year, per DOL (Georgia Employment and Wages – 2015
– Job threshold must be created in initial year, then maintained an additional four years – credit
is initially claimed on the initial year tax return – for example, an initial threshold of eligible new
jobs created in 2015 may be claimed on the 2015 tax return – additional credit is then claimed
on each of the following four years tax returns as long as the jobs are maintained
– Credit is claimed by filing Form IT-CA2012 with the Georgia Corporation Income Tax return;
Tax credit = $3,500 per job
– Credit may be applied against 100 percent of any corporate income tax liability on the Georgia
Corporation Income Tax Return
– Excess credit may be applied against withholding if the proper steps are taken with the
Department of Revenue

Learn more here – http://www.dca.ga.gov/economic/TaxCredits/programs/taxcredit.asp