Executive director, Carrollton/Carroll County Community Centered Education Collaborative

What is the Community Centered Education Collaborative (CCEC)?

Civic, community and educational leaders of the Carrollton/Carroll County community came together during 2014 to form a partnership to help more students be prepared for college and work. This group of visionary leaders believed that by working together rather than in their respective institutional silos, more students could be successful. The initiative is led by the president of the University of West Georgia, the president of West Georgia Technical College, the superintendents of Carroll County Schools and Carrollton City Schools, the head of school of Oak Mountain Academy and the president of the Carroll Chamber.

How did you get involved in this program?

I was naturally drawn to this initiative since my passion and experiences are consistent with team approaches for student success. My experiences with K-12 initiatives, student leadership programs, advanced academics for all students, and community developed academic programs were well aligned with the vision of the CCEC.

What are the goals of the CCEC?

The broad goal for the CCEC is to close the gap for college attainment for increased numbers of students. To reach this goal we will work to have a collective impact on the success of all students in a K-16 approach; we will promote career pathways and access to post-secondary education; we will focus on all students graduating from high school and being prepared to enter the workforce or college.

How do you envision meeting these goals?

We will develop strategies to improve and increase opportunities for students; to coordinate support and interventions for individual students through our expanded P-16 network; to share performance data with all stakeholders; and to communicate effectively with all partners in this effort.

What are your expectations for the process in the next two years?

I believe commitment to collective impact will resonate throughout the community. I believe we will see some immediate results just through increasing awareness of the many support programs already in place. By implementing a few proven practices at critical stages of student development we will also improve the experience of each child from birth to the workplace.

About Dr. John Green

Dr. John Green brings over 32 years of successful educational leadership as a teacher, coach, principal, district administrator, and
superintendent to the CCEC. Named the 2008 Georgia Educator of the Year, he has improved student performance or coached and mentored
others to do so in a variety of roles. The College Board, the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement, Growing Leaders Inc., and
numerous educational, civic and leadership groups are just a few of the organizations that have sought Dr. Green’s insights.