The Burson Center


The Burson Center is a unique program that could exist only in a place like Carroll County.

Business incubators exist in several forms worldwide. It is safe to say that West Georgia is the only place you will find one quite like The Burson Center. The Burson Center is not only a business incubator for start-up businesses, it is a true business resource center for any size or age of company in this region.

The Burson Center has hosted 101 businesses, creating 352 jobs and over $30 million in private equity investment since opening in 2006. In addition to the companies that are in residence at The Burson Center, the Center’s staff and resource partners are currently working with over 200 other businesses of varying sizes throughout the northwest Georgia region. The Center has hosted more than 20,000 visitors for over 1,600 seminars, expos and programs. The Georgia Tech Procurement Assistance Center within The Burson Center assists 250 business clients annually in obtaining over a $1 billion in state and federal contracts for the northwest Georgia area. The Georgia Tech Manufacturing Extension Program, also part of The Burson Center, reported $3 million in total investments and 50 new or retained jobs in the region last year.

Visit The Burson Center:
500 Old Bremen Road
Carrollton, GA 30117